SENIOR LIVING BEHAVIORAL HEALTH LCSW, PLLC provides outstanding behavioral health services to individuals in senior living communities that may be encountering social, psychological or behavioral challenges. We embody a collaborative method that seeks to guarantee maximum integration of our expertise into a well-matched and extensive system of health care, commensurate with the rules and processes of the host community. Our therapists are licensed clinical social workers with the highest level of competence and integrity for whom we facilitate continued professional development to ensure ongoing state-of-the-art therapy services to the residents in our partner senior living communities.


We provide a range of professional psychological services to cater to the special needs of our clients who are residents in Assisted Living and Independent Living Residences.

Diagnostic Evaluation

to assess the psychosocial well-being of the resident in order to begin the diagnostic process and make decisions regarding an optimal treatment plan to enhance quality of life. This would include chart review, face-to-face interview with client, and consultation with facility staff and family members to review their pertinent observations and concerns.

Individual Psychotherapy

uses a variety of techniques to target the individual’s mental health needs. Psychotherapy has been shown to produce large beneficial effects across diverse mental conditions, age groups, and settings. For the older adult population in particular, research has shown that not only can psychotherapy reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and other emotional challenges, but also protects against cognitive decline. Achieving and maintaining optimal independence and quality of life is the ultimate goal of every therapy care plan..

Family Therapy

provides family members a forum that encourages open and satisfying communication. Together with the therapist, family members explore more such topics as: healthy ways of communicating, emotional acceptance, relationship strengthening, and conflict resolution, past trauma and grief recovery.

Behavior Management

for residents who are in need of help to control behaviors such as wandering or maintaining their usual level of personal care.


A full range of services to meet your residents psychological needs:

An increase in resident satisfaction; when the sources of problems are explored and identified and the proper, most effective treatments applied, resident’s mood improves, engagement increases, negative behaviors decline, and independence is fostered.
Clinicians are afforded ongoing professional development opportunities in order to maintain high standards and continue to provide state of the art quality care.

A potential increase in facility referrals; seniors and their families are becoming better informed, more psychologically savvy, and more likely to have had some contact with psychotherapy. This gives them an awareness of the potential benefits of these adjunct services and is reflected in the overall ambiance and appeal of the community.
A comprehensive range of services to Senior Living Facilities for residents whose adjustment is affected by psychological, behavioral and cognitive difficulties. Current research supports the prevalence of positive outcomes for geriatric populations with the use of psychotherapeutic interventions. This effectiveness is maintained across use of various techniques, and applied to multiple conditions.


We each face daily challenges specific to our stage of life. Most older adults experience age-related issues that impact on physical and psychological well-being, and often affect self-esteem, interest in social engagement, and one's full range of emotional and mental capacities. Senior Living Communities are designed to counteract these problems by offering life-enhancing supplemental activities that address these problems. However, residents can be difficult to engage in all the senior living facility has to offer if they are struggling with psychological and behavioral problems. A trained professional is able to discover the root of such resistance, and can then help enable the resident to take full advantage of the opportunities being offered.

Social Adjustment

  • Easing the transition to a new environment and community
  • Encouraging participation in community activities and decision-making
  • Assisting development of new social relationships
  • Helping to improve relationships with family members

Emotional Support

  • Providing understanding and interventions to reduce depression and anxiety
  • Offering strategies to manage emotional distress
  • Coping with loss through bereavement counseling

Mental Capacity

  • Providing compensatory strategies to preserve autonomy
  • Encouraging pursuit of hobbies and cultural interests

Physical Well-Being

  • development of coping skills to deal with impaired mobility, pain management, onset of medical illnesses, and other challenges to one's physical health
  • encouraging maintenance of physical well-being through healthy nutrition, physical exercise and stress reduction


  • Supporting maintenance of personal independence
  • Inspiring development of a sense of meaning and purpose in one's elder years


  • We've been using the therapists from Senior Living Behavioral Health for over 2 years and have consistently been pleased with their services. We've referred many residents to them and each of the residents have enjoyed talking with them and we see that it's a tremendous benefit to our community. Great service and I'm happy to give a 5 star review.
    Elissa M.
  • We have a wonderful Social Worker through Senior Living Behavioral Health and she is amazing with our residents. The Senior Living company is always professional, curtious and they work quickly to provide services.
    Cindy L.
  • What an amazing service! SLBH helped me find great facilities to work in based on my expertise and the patients necessities. Evan was a pleasure to work with and not only made sure that I was happy but that the homes are happy with the services I provide. Thank you for all your help!
    Jenna K