Senior Living Behavioral Health provides

evaluation and treatment options to residents in Senior Living Residences to overcome everyday psychological challenges, increase social adjustment, and enhance cognitive skills. Licensed Clinical Social Workers review historical information and assessment results and design individualized intervention plans to improve quality of life and maintain independence.

We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals with experience,
knowledge, and the desire to continue learning. As we expand, opportunities are available in residences throughout New York for those who share our desire to provide state of the art psychological services to this growing population. Our systematic approach makes us a great option to create a challenging and rewarding career or to supplement your existing practice.

As a part of our team you'll benefit from:

Available Jobs at Senior Living Behavioral Health


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Part Time
Millbrook, NY
Posted 3 months ago
Part Time
Rochester, NY
Posted 9 months ago
Part Time
Vestal, NY
Posted 10 months ago
Part Time
Carneys Point, NJ
Posted 4 months ago
Part Time
Branchville, NJ
Posted 7 months ago