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June 28, 2018
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Senior Living Behavioral Services expands work to Rochester

As baby boomers enter assisted living facilities in larger numbers, there is a growing need for licensed clinical social worker services. Senior Living Behavioral Services now offers such professional services without additional cost to the facility, resident or their families.
LCSWs are professionals with the education and skills to work with all populations and diverse cultures, including the elderly. Their holistic training affords them the ability to work with staff and management, as well as directly with residents and their families.
LCSWs know about specific issues facing aging populations. Most LCSWs have medical knowledge that is invaluable when working in assisted living and memory care settings.
LCSWs, especially those with their “R” advanced rating, directly bill Medicare and other health
insurances for their mental health services. In the case of the contracted clinicians, SLBH bills on their behalf. With an electronic health records system in place, online assessments, progress notes and paperwork are cut to a minimum so that the therapist can spend more time helping senior residents resolve issues of separation, grief, declining health, social adjustment, anxiety and depression.
SLBH pays local contracted LCSWs directly, eliminating overhead or billing for clinicians. With many LCSWs frustrated with health insurance billing, contract work such as this may be the answer to private practice or those wishing to supplement their income, while filling a need with an underserved population — senior citizens and their families. Clinicians enjoy schedule flexibility and independence. LCSWs may choose to work part or full time.
Senior Living Behavioral Health LCSW PLLC has corporate offices in New York City and Rochester. SLBH operates in assisted living residences throughout the state.
SLBH speaks directly with management of senior living facilities. Independent mental health clinicians carry their own liability insurances, and take referrals from facility staff and directors. One-on-one counseling is done within the facilities on a regular, ongoing basis as needed.
Call (585) 899-9151 or visit for information.

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